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While I work on refacing my website here is a little background on me, (in case you were wondering).

I've been shooting for 30 years. Eight years while in US Navy, and professionally for the last 20.

I also have a background in mechanical engineering, developing medical devices for Arrow International, before accepting an offer as the company multimedia developer, (a position that lasted 12 years).

Currently I'm working as a Multimedia Specialist for Penske, providing content for their Maintenance Training initiatives. I'm humbled to work for such a fine organization and sharing projects with other professionals whom are top notch in their field. Besides that, name one job where you get to produce video while working on big rigs? Anyone, anyone, eh? It's like "tool time" on steriods. :)

I thank you for visiting, keep shooting.



"Pete is a very talented individual who has an exceptional gift for photography, video media, graphic design and animation creation... His knack for capturing candid moments, his exceptional eye, and his ingenuity always result in creating an exemplary project."

Heather R. Borneman
Manager, Meetings, Events and Tradeshows
Teleflex, Inc.

"Pete did an absolutely amazing job on this. Totally professional look and design, clean & uncluttered, easy navigation, amazing photos of course....need I go on:)"

Dan Pluta,
Progressive Rock Band Carpe Nota.


"I can easily give Pete my highest recommendation without reservation. Pete has always delivered superior work in a timely manner and has also been very easy to work with. Many of the projects that were assigned to Pete were difficult in nature and required a lot of interaction between our groups.

Pete was always able to understand what was

needed and was then able to see the projects

through to completion. Pete is a very honest

and very hard working individual and I am confident you will be very pleased with his work."


Gary Wakeford


Syncro Medical Innovations


"His talent is endless... I never heard him say something couldn't be done. His contributions to the marketing and advertising groups has been invaluable."

Tom Mahoney
Global Marketing Manager
Arrow International